Friday, April 29, 2005

Just Something to Do

Last week I was looking at an article from Aperture magazine which reminded me of a great National Geographic pictorial where the photographer, assigned to some northern wilderness area, took on the challenge of taking one photo a day for something like 40 days. The story and resulting photos were stunning. So, for the month of May 2005, I'm going to take snap shots of my daily life events and surroundings and perhaps even post them here.

I chose May mostly because it's two days away, but also because of the symbolism of spring, starting anew and because of it being my dad's birth month. Dad, who died last summer on Father's Day, was the one who put a camera in my hands early on. He encouraged me and shared my life long interest in photography.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mostly I want to comment on your username. Tricky, but it didn't take me but a few seconds to figure it out. I will be checking back...

Tue May 03, 06:12:00 AM  

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